When projects require assistance, Sharkward provides service options like no other lighting controls provider. Partners can choose their own level of service from:
1. Pre-Commissioning all nodes before they leave the warehouse
2. Remote Commissioning nodes with Sharkward "touchless" service
3. Complete customized service provided with On-Site Commissioning

Sharkward does the hard stuff before your order ships
Specify Pre-Commissioning with a NEW order,and Sharkward devices can be set up before shipment to your site.
Devices are added to a secured account and generic device “naming” is completed to build the framework for your system before shipment. This can happen with an authorized fixture manufacturer or in the Sharkward warehouse before shipment.

Bringing technology to lighting controls
Avoid expensive travel costs,by selecting Remote
Commissioning with a NEW order. Nodes can be commissioned remotely using a sharkward gateway on the cloud.
There are three requirements for a successful setup:
1. Plan zones and fixture, and sensor locations in advance
2. Installing the Sharkward gateway at the beginning of the project installation
3. Have electricians/installers install and record the fixtures and accessories in mapped locations.
With these three simple steps, your “touchless” installation will be flawless.

For a customized experience, select On-Site Commissioning with an NEW order, and Sharkward can provide assistance in project planning, mapping, installation and commissioning.
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oder products or become a Sharkward partner

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